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About Us

We love pets!  You probably do too.  You want to keep them happy.  You want to keep them safe.  And of course you want to foster more of those magical moments that remind us why we have them and love them.  So we've made it our mission to hand select some of the newest and most innovative pet products from around the world.  We cut out the middleman to bring you the best prices and never charge you for shipping.  So be sure to check back often as we are scouring the web daily for the best and newest pet products.  The big box pet stores just don't have the speed or flexibility to do this.  But they do have lots of middlemen to bloat their prices.  We want to make you furry friends the envy of all the neighborhood pets without breaking your bank.  Its a win-win.

Our goal is nothing less than your total satisfaction.  If something is not to your liking we'll make it right.  If there's something you'd like to see added to our collection, just let us know.  We'll do our best to find it for you.   And more than anything we'd love to hear your stories about you and your pet and anything we were able to do to make your time together just a little bit better.  Drop us a line anytime.  Did I mention we love everything pets?

To you and your furry friends!